Celebrating E

I have been so blessed to have spent the past couple of months living in this little man’s home. His parents (my future in-laws) have kindly let me occupy their lower level, and as a result I have been able to watch as E has taken his first steps, discovered the pots and pans in the kitchen drawers, and increasingly babbled on in his own little language. I have received countless slobbery kisses and cuddles, and have somehow managed to avoid losing my glasses and nose ring from my face to E’s curious hands. This past week marked one year of his precious life and it was such a treat to wake up, grab my camera and head upstairs to capture moments of him and his parents on his first birthday.

January Joy

When people say that they are having a winter wedding in Alberta, I am always so very excited for the marriage part, and so afraid about the winter part. But the weather here in Calgary never ceases to amaze me, and Mary & Riley were blessed with one of the most gorgeous January days that I have ever experienced.

This couple really is something special. They exude an incredible love for each other, a love that was impossible not to capture! Take a look at the gallery below and see for yourself.

And don’t hesitate to grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the video of this stunning wedding, courtesy of My Canvas Media (www.mycanvasmedia.com)

Ringing in the New Year

When I received a random text from Derek asking what how I was doing, my heart immediately started pounding at the thought that maybe, just maybe, he would ask me to take photos of a proposal. After he confirmed my suspicions, I spent a couple of weeks eagerly awaiting the day, fighting every desire to tell the world.

When the evening of January 1st arrived, I found myself pulling up at a beautiful barn, decorated even more beautifully inside. From the Christmas lights to the rustic doors, the flowers to the candles, Derek had all of the details down to a tee. I spent some time hiding in the trees before I heard their car pull up, and my heart thumped in my chest as they walked towards the barn. I have no words to describe how I felt as Derek got down on one knee, except to say that my eyes were welling up and my cheeks hurt from smiling.

So congratulations you two. What a way to literally ring in the New Year.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

With Christmas quickly approaching, Sarah and I managed to secure a Saturday afternoon without snowfall or unbelievably freezing temperatures. Her fiance, Dennis, patiently participated in this lovely engagement shoot, and was probably justifying it with thoughts of their destination in Mexico next spring. I thoroughly enjoyed working through these photos. They are cozy, with a touch of Christmas. Below are some of my absolute favorites!

And then there were three…

When Nicole approached me with her exciting news, it took a few weeks of tongue biting to keep the secret to myself. Nicole & George (and baby) were troopers and braved the winter chill, and now that they have shared the news with family and friends, I can finally share these photos from this wonderful mini session.

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year.

This little family session had to be postponed a couple of times due to the heaps of snow that YYC seems to receive every Saturday, however we managed to score ourselves a gorgeous afternoon to take some Christmas card photos. Below are a select few favorites that provide a glimpse of how adorable this little one is without giving away too much (especially for those of you who might be receiving a card a family photos in the mail next month)!

Dustin & Andrea // Engagement

Earlier this month I held a small fall giveaway contest, giving potential clients the chance to win a free one hour session. Andrea was one of the two winners, and thankfully the first snow held of long enough for us to sneak in an engagement shoot with her fiance Dustin. These two are wonderful individuals. They are so full of life and were such a pleasure to work with. In passing Andrea mentioned that by the time they tie the knot they will have known each other for nearly ten years, and have already been dating for four. In my opinion there is no timeline that specifies when a couple should start pursuing the married life, but it is always so fascinating to see the different ways that couples go about it. Dustin & Andrea have definitely been patient as they have pursued individual goals and dreams, but I am oh so excited for their future together!